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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Local Government Debt Transparency

Local Entity Debt Lookup

In 2015, the 84th Legislature passed HB 1378 (codified under Texas Local Government Code § 140.008) in order to increase local government debt transparency across the state. Beginning January 2016, political subdivisions, including counties, cities, school districts, junior college districts, special districts, and other subdivisions of state government must annually compile certain debt obligation data from the preceding fiscal year and either:

  1. Report the information to the Comptroller of Public Accounts for posting on the Comptroller's Internet website; or
  2. Post the information on the political subdivision's own Internet website and make it available for inspection by any person.

If debt obligation data related to a specific political subdivision is not available using this search tool, it may be because that entity has not yet submitted information to the Comptroller's office; the entity has submitted information which is still undergoing review by Comptroller staff prior to posting to this site; the entity has elected to make the information available on its own Internet website in lieu of submission to the Comptroller; or the information submitted has dropped from the database after being posted for a year.

The information presented on the Comptroller's website and retrievable using this search tool is self-reported by submitting entities or third parties on their behalf and has not been independently verified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. The inclusion of an entity's information here confirms that the Comptroller received the submitted information, but does not verify the entity's compliance with the terms of Local Government Code § 140.008. Specific questions or concerns regarding an entity's debt obligations should be directed to that entity.

Submission deadline is 180 days from the last day of the entity’s fiscal year.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or call 844-519-5676.

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