In an effort to reduce the Brockton Public School's fuel consumption and energy costs,the Brockton School Committee has adopted a policy to purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles for municipal/school use whenever such vehicles are commercially available and practicable.


Brockton Public Schools will maintain an annual vehicle inventory for all vehicles and a plan for replacing any non-exempt vehicles with vehicles that meet, at a minimum, the fuel efficiency ratings contained in the most recent guidance for Criterion 4 published by the MA Department of Energy Resources' Green Communities Division.


This policy' applies to all divisions and departments of Brockton Public Schools. 


It is the responsibility of the Brockton Public School department to check the Green Communities Division's Guidance for Criterion 4 for updates prior to ordering replacement vehicles.  All non-exempt vehicles shall be replaced with fuel-efficient vehicles that adhere to the most recent Green Communities Criterion 4 Guidance. Vehicles shall be replaced when they are no longer operable and will not be recycled from one municipal department to another unless the recycled replacement vehicle meets the fuel efficiency ratings outlined in the Policy. In addition, when replacing exempt vehicles. the function of the vehicle will be reviewed for potential replacement with a more fuel-efficient vehicle. including a fuel-efficient non-exempt vehicle.


The Schools Administration will review on an annual basis the Vehicle Inventory, along with the Green Communities Criterion 4 Guidance. to plan for new acquisitions as part of planning for the new fiscal year budget.


The School Superintendent or his/her designee(s) shall approve all vehicle purchases to replace any exempt and non-exempt vehicle for public school use.