Preparation of the annual budget will be scheduled in stages throughout the school year with attention to certain deadlines established by law and charter.

The Superintendent of Schools shall have overall responsibility for the planning, preparation and presentation of the budget to the School Committee. The Superintendent shall delegate aspects of budget planning, preparation and presentation to the Chief Financial Officer and/or supporting staff members.

Prior to staff preparation of the budget, and no later than July 1, the Superintendent shall establish guidelines and priorities for each fiscal year. The Superintendent should encourage planning in order to develop budgets and to guide expenditures so as to achieve the greatest contributions to the educational program in relation to dollars expended.

Principals shall inform the School Improvement Councils of their building budgets during the preparation process.


The Superintendent and others responsible for budget preparation shall assure that each building unit, each department and each school system employee will have the means, either individually or by presentation, of providing input regarding those budget categories or items which directly affect them and their responsibilities.


Each year the Superintendent and their staff shall prepare a budget calendar which shall present a plan of action for estimating and completing preparation of the annual budget in a fixed period of time. The calendar shall be used as a tool for identifying required budgetary activities and for identifying when and by whom these activities are to be formed. The calendar shall also be used as a guide for coordinating the budgetary activities of individuals and groups, collecting the budget data, reviewing budget problems and making budget decisions. The calendar shall also specify dates for School Committee budget review, the public hearing, adoption and presentation of the budget to the City Council.

Realistic Budget Requests:

The School Committee and administration shall make an effort to ensure that budget request estimates and needs are accurately reflected in the budget and are neither over-inflated nor under inflated.

Equal Distribution of Goods and Services:

The School Committee and administration shall insure that all schools and programs shall be funded on a fair and equitable basis throughout the school system by obtaining and considering budget requests from teachers, principals, department heads, coordinators, directors and other administrators. The requests shall be by program and by location.


The Superintendent shall designate the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and staff as responsible for coordinating, collecting and publishing budget data prior to the open budget meetings of the School Committee. The preliminary budget document approved tentatively by the Superintendent and his/her administrative team, shall be disseminated, in detail, to all members of the School Committee, at least one week prior to the first open meeting scheduled for budget review.