All actions of the Superintendent, or duly delegated employees of the school system, in executing the programs and/or activities as set forth in the fiscal year budget, shall be authorized to implement the programs, subject to continuous review and further limited to the following express provisions:

  1. Expenditure of funds for the employment and assignment of personnel shall meet the legal requirements of all negotiated contracts and the adopted policies of the School Committee.
  2. Authorized expenditures are contained and fully funded within the line item of the fiscal year budget as adopted by the School Committee.

Since public purchasing entails the commitment and expenditures of public funds, the policy of the School Committee shall be that the purchasing authority for the School Department shall rest in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Purchasing must be management-oriented rather than simply service-oriented. Functions such as planning and scheduling, bid solicitation, evaluation, award, contract administration, quality assurance, and surplus property transfer and disposal shall be the responsibility of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is authorized to process purchase orders without prior approval of the School Committee when formal bidding procedures are not required by law, and when budget allocations by program are adequate to cover such obligations.