1.     The collaboration of schools with the private sector is in the spirit of the following guidelines.

The involvement should:

    1. Be consistent with the values, goals, and objectives of the educational program of the Brockton Public Schools and respond to a clearly identified and understood educational need;
    2. Support and not undermine, either implicitly or explicitly, the integrity of an existing curriculum and instructional message;
    3. Have proper safeguards to guarantee fiscal accountability and avoid any conflict of interest.
  1. Contributors will be informed that their contributions are equally welcome whether made to an individual school, to a schoolís Parent Advisory Council, or to a system-wide fund.
  2. The Superintendent will acknowledge contributors of amounts in excess of $500.

4.     Unless the Superintendent of Schools specifically approves an alternative arrangement, all donated funds will be accounted for as follows:

    1. In the event funds are donated expressly to the school itself rather than to the PAC, the School Department will establish a separate account in The Brockton Educational Foundation, Inc. in which to deposit the funds for the exclusive use of the school. These funds will be expended according to routine School Department requisition and approval procedures.
    2. Funds contributed to a system-wide fund will become the direct responsibility of the Superintendent or his/her designee who will deposit such funds in a separate municipal account for disbursement with the approval of the School Committee.
  1. Individual schools may apply to the Superintendent for the funding of worthwhile projects from the system-wide fund.
  2. A coordinating committee with one PAC member from each school may meet regularly for the purpose of coordinating the private sector solicitations activities, including solicitation of non-monetary donations, of the individual PACís.
  3. The School Department may assist the coordinating committee by developing a brochure explaining how contributions help the schools (individual schools or the school system), providing examples and indicating other possible forms of assistance for the schools.
  4. Requests for solicitations by outside groups on behalf of schools or by groups which intend to provide a service for schools will be cleared through the central office and reviewed by appropriate personnel before the Superintendent makes a recommendation to the School Committee.

9.     Donated materials for use in the classroom are subject to the following guidelines:

    1. Direct assistance to a specific school or to the Brockton School Department may be appropriately recognized.
    2. Materials that are instructionally meaningful and complement the existing curriculum, as well as appropriate supplies which are useful in the classroom, may be accepted. The appropriate curriculum committees will determine whether the material is curriculum related.
  1. Advertising on specific materials or supplies is acceptable provided that it is in good taste, not excessively prominent, and with due emphasis on the educational material. As a general rule, advertisement that violated District policies or is not consistent with District values will not be accepted.
  2. A system-wide review committee, to ensure its appropriateness, will evaluate business advertising on any materials on an individual basis. The review committee shall consist of representation from both central administration and administration at the appropriate building level, with input from any personnel needed to make a valid judgment. The same review committee will evaluate any objections to advertisement on material used in the Brockton Public Schools. If the objector is not satisfied with the decision of this committee, an appeal may be made to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.
  3. The School Committee policy regarding solicitation is not intended to apply to the participation by individual PACís in marketing promotions, such as those providing equipment for schools in exchange for the collection of specified items, register receipts, and so on.
  4. In all cases involving school department employees their actions shall be guided and consistent with Chapter 268A, as amended.