The following information concerning fire and fire drill procedures must be made available to all building personnel:

  1. In the event that a fire, smoke or noxious fumes are discovered in any building, the principal or any responsible person will notify the Brockton Fire Department immediately. This may be accomplished by utilizing either the fire alarm system or by a direct phone call to the Brockton Fire Department).
  2. The building principal or designated administrator will notify the Central Office switchboard that there is a fire or substantial smoke or noxious fumes. The operator will notify the Superintendent of Schools, the Deputy Superintendent, Executive Directors, the School Police, the Supervisor of Custodians/Transportation, and Public Property, respectively.
  3. Under no circumstances will principals or the designated administrator hesitate to evacuate the pupils in the event of a fire, noxious fumes, or smoke. The safety of the children of the school is of paramount importance.
  4. .  The school district will cooperate with the fire department in maintaining fire-safe conditions within all school buildings and in regularly conducting fire drills for the protection of students and staff.
  5. The teacher in charge of a group or room will take from the building his/her rank book, seating plan, or class register to take attendance after the pupils have left the building.
  6. Cafeteria workers are expected to vacate the building along with teachers and pupils. Cafeteria managers have the responsibility of checking the cafeteria areas to make certain that no students are left in the building.
  7. Principals or designated administrators should conduct fire drills on a regular basis in accordance with the rules and regulations of the School Committee. A brief written report of the fire drill should be forwarded to the Office of Administrative Services. A copy of this report will be sent to the Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau by that office.

8.     NO FLAMMABLE DECORATIONS (i.e. exhibits “after-flame” greater than two (2) seconds) including all material such as curtains, draperies, scenery, plastic shields, upholstery coverings, streamers, cloth, cotton batting, straw, vines, leaves, trees, and moss used for decorative effect, bamboo and other wood fibers, except ordinary window shades, shall be used in the schools according to 527 CMR 21.00 Flammable Decorations and instructional aides are not to be suspended or hung from the ceiling of classrooms and corridors as per the City of Brockton Fire and Building Departments.

9.     All children transported by bus will have emergency evacuation drills from the school bus each year.  Buses will also be inspected for fire extinguishers and emergency exits.