Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy

Security (Locker, Training, Shower Room) - JJIBL


  1. Discipline in said rooms is the sole responsibility of the coaches in charge.
  2. The coaches are responsible for cleanliness of said areas. A custodian will sweep locker room and shower room clean, at the end of each day following practices and games.
  3. It is the coach's responsibility to see that the lights are put out and the windows are closed and locked in any of the athletic areas that they are employed.
  4. Coaches should not assume that another coach, who happens to be in the building, would be responsible for doing their job.
  5. Coaches are responsible for locking up the school or field house at the days end. The coach, not manager shall be the last person to leave the locker room area. This responsibility belongs to coaches that practice and are housed in their own areas.

Restricted Areas

  1. The equipment room is restricted to coaches only and the Assistant to the Athletic Director.
  2. Team members will use the training room only when the coach is present. (Whirlpool)
  3. The coach's office is off limits to team members unless permitted by the coach.
  4. The coach's office is the responsibility of the coaches in season.

APPROVED: June, 4, 2019