Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


  1. Physical Exams

    All team members are to have a physical examination before participation in any athletic contest. If a student’s physical expires during the season, that student is ineligible to participate.

  2. Insurance Forms

    Middle School athletes are to complete school insurance forms in September. The Coordinator is to inform high school athletes and parents that student athletes are covered for injury with extended coverage insurance. Forms from the Athletic Office are to be sent home and returned on the first day of practice.

  3. Emergency

    In case of emergency, coaches and/or the athletic trainer should make every effort to notify the parents before having the student transported to the hospital or doctor.

  4. Injuries

    All injuries are to be reported to the athletic trainer within twenty-four (24) hours by the coach in charge. The athletic trainer will then inform the Athletic Office. No athlete treated by a doctor is to return to a game or practice without written permission from the doctor. The Athletic Director will file a weekly injury report to the principal. A record of injuries will be maintained by the Athletic Director.

APPROVED: June 4, 2019