Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


  1. Bus Schedules

    Coaches are to check the bus schedules against the game schedules at the beginning of each week. Discrepancies (if any) are to be noted and sent to the Director of Athletics immediately.

  2. Official Transportation

    Team members will travel to and from scheduled games with official Brockton High School transportation only. In certain instances a student athlete may be allowed to travel with their parents/guardian. The Principal will determine if the situation is warranted. The Principal should receive the request 24 hours in advance in writing.

  3. Parent Travel

    Parents, with the approval of the Coordinator, may request permission for their student/child to travel with them. Only in unusual circumstances will this request be granted.

  4. Discipline

    Discipline on the bus is the sole responsibility of the coach in charge.

  5. Dress Code

    Proper dress is expected of all team members if dressing facilities are going to be used at the school visited.

  6. Conduct

    During bus travel, the coach will not allow his/her team members to put their arms or hang their heads out of the windows.

APPROVED: June 4, 2019