Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


  1. Head Coach

    All head coaches are to aid and advise the lower level program in their respective areas.

  2. Safety

    All coaches are responsible for the safety of their teams.

    1. No practice should begin until a coach is present.
    2. No student should be in a practice area unless a coach is present.
    3. Coaches are advised to consider the athletes as to length of practice and the advisability of practices held under abnormal weather conditions.
    4. Coaches must be certified in CPR and first aid procedures.
  3. Eligibility Check
    1. Complete and accurate high school team lists are to be turned in to appropriate Dean and School Nurse no later than one week prior to the first regular season contest.
    2. Information must include the student's house and year of graduation.
    3. All athletes must be registered and approved on Family ID.
  4. Assistant Coaches
    1. Assistant high school coaches are responsible to the varsity coach who is charged with directing all activities for the entire program.
    2. The length of the coaching season for all coaches starts and finishes with the varsity season. High school junior varsity coaches may be asked to scout or perform other related duties to aid a varsity team after completion of their own season.
  5. Suspensions
    1. All coaches are to report any suspensions (regardless of duration) of a team member to the Athletic Director.
    2. No student-athlete suspended (either in school or out of school) from school may practice or be present at a practice or a game during said suspension.
    3. Questions should be directed to the Athletic Office.
  6. Absences
    1. No student athletes are to participate in practice or a game on the day they are absent from school.
    2. Both the Department Head and the building principal must approve any exception to this rule.
  7. Bench Organization

    It is important that the bench be kept orderly, therefore the coach should make specific assignments for student managers/players.

  8. Line of Authority

    College Athletic Interviews

    1. Under no circumstances are students to be taken out of classes for the purpose of an interview with a college athletic recruiter.
    2. No information is to be given to a recruiter without a signed waiver from the parent or the student if he/she is 18 years or older.

All staff members will go through the Athletics’ office on matters pertaining to the coaching of athletics before they go to the principal, Superintendent or School Committee.

APPROVED: June 4, 2019