Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


  1. Subject to the approval of the Superintendent or Designee, and contingent upon the factors set out below, non-resident children of certified staff members may enroll, without charge for tuition, in the Brockton Public Schools.
  2. Enrollment and/or continued enrollment of a non-resident child in the Brockton Public Schools under this policy is contingent upon the following:
    1. The child’s parent continues to be a certified staff member of the Brockton Public Schools.
    2. Space is available in the appropriate program, grade level and/or classes in the building in which the student desires to enroll.
    3. The child abides by the regulations of the Brockton Public School.
    4. Children who have expelled from another public or private school will not be eligible for admittance.
    5. The student’s admission to a particular school must be consistent with School Committee Policy JC/JCA, Section 3,m.
    6. Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent.
    7. The purpose of this policy is to permit the non-resident children of current certified staff members to attend the Brockton Public Schools. Therefore, in the event that a student who has been admitted pursuant to this policy requires an educational placement outside the Brockton Public School setting, that student will return to his/her town or city of residence in order to obtain the needed educational placement.

APPROVED: June 4, 2019