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School Committee Policy


In an effort to facilitate the success [e.g., placement, enrollment, graduation, data collection, and provision of services] for students transferring into or out of the District because of their parents being on active duty in the U.S. Armed Services, the Brockton Public Schools supports and will implement its responsibilities as outlined in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. The School Committee believes it is appropriate to remove barriers to educational success imposed on children of military families because of their parents’ frequent moves and deployment. The Brockton Public Schools is committed to facilitating the on-time graduation of high school students in military families by providing alternatives to assist eligible students in meeting graduation requirements, including submitting alternative evidence to DESE as a means of achieving a competency determination, when appropriate.


Children of military families means school aged children, enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade, in the household of an active duty member of the uniformed service of the United States, including members of the National Guard and Reserve serving on active duty and parents who within the past year died on active duty, were medically discharged or retired.

Deployment means the period one month before the service members’ departure from their home station on military orders through six months after return to their home station

Education(al) records means official records, files, and data directly related to a student and maintained by the school including, but not limited to, records encompassing all the material kept in the student’s cumulative folder.

The requirements, applicable to eligible students, which must be fulfilled, are listed below. Eligible students are those who are children of active duty personnel, active duty personnel or veterans who have been severely injured and medically discharged, and active duty personnel who die on active duty within one year of service. Students are not eligible for the provisions of the Compact if they are children of inactive Guard or Reserves, retired personnel, veterans not included above or U.S. Department of Defense personnel and other federal civil service employees and contract employees.

Responsibilities to eligible children include the following:

ADOPTED/UPDATED: May, 2018; June 4, 2019

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children