Pacing Guides

  • The following pacing guides help guide instruction to ensure that specific standards are taught by predetermined points during the year. The district level assessments are intended to compliment the individual school and classroom level assessments.  

    Parent FAQ: 

    What subject areas are students tested in?

    • English-Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • History-Social Studies

    How are the test scores used to improve my child's education? 

    The test scores are designed as a classroom tool for teachers to measure individual student and cohort group progress.  The scores help teachers to individualize instruction to meet student needs.  

    Are my student's scores being compared to other students?

    No.  The test scores are used to measure your child's understanding of material being taught in the classroom throughout the year.  A student's test scores are not compared to other students for the purpose of ranking or grading students. 
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