Summer Reading Response Option Blocks for Students Entering Grades 6-8

We hope that you have a wonderful summer and take time to read many books for pleasure.

Directions: For just one of the books that you chose to read this summer, please choose one of the activities below and complete it before school begins. Your teacher will ask you to pass it in upon your arrival in September. Have fun.

Design a final exam for the book. The exam must contain 5 true or false questions, 10 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions and 1 open response or essay question. Include an answer key. Create a “soundtrack” for the book. What 5 songs would you choose? Give an explanation for why you chose each song and how it connects to the events or characters in the book. Include the title, artist and lyrics for each song. Write a proposal to have the book you’ve read made into a movie. Include which actors will play the main characters in the movie and why, and the location where the movie will be filmed and why. Create the movie poster for the book. It should include elements from a real movie poster such as a slogan, the actors and the rating. Create a timeline of 10 events for the book, including an illustration and a caption for each event.
Create a ‘WANTED’ poster for a character in the book. Include a picture, a written physical description, the crime committed and whom to call with information. Pretend you are a talk show host and 1 character from the book will be a guest on your show. Create a transcript of the interview which includes an introduction of the character to the audience and 5 “why” or “how” questions that you, the host, would ask the character. Then, answer each question in the character’s voice. On a poster, draw 4 objects or symbols to represent the book. Explain what each object or symbol represents and explain how the symbol is important to the book. In a short essay, identify a problem that a character in your book had to face. What was the problem and how did the character solve it? If you were that character, explain what would you have done differently and why.
In a short essay, compare and contrast yourself with one of the characters in the book. Explain 3 similarities and 3 differences you have with that character. Write a review of your book for Give 2 opinions about it and cite examples using quotations from the book to support why you think it is an interesting book or not. Include whether you would recommend it to a friend and say why or why not. Pretend you could put yourself in the book. Write a short essay explaining where would you put yourself and why? How would you being there change the story? Imagine you are the author of the book. In a short essay, describe what happens to a character years before or years after the story takes place.