Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


It is the policy of the Brockton Public Schools that all employees exhibit responsible behavior and adhere to appropriate professional standards in any use of social media. The Superintendent and the School Principals will annually remind staff members and orient new staff members concerning the importance of maintaining proper decorum in the online, digital world as well as in person. Employees must conduct themselves in ways that do not distract from or disrupt the educational process.

Responsible use of social media includes, but is not necessarily limited to, issues such as the following. Staff should avoid improper fraternization with students using social media or other electronic means:

  1. Teachers may not friend or follow students currently enrolled in the Brockton Public Schools on social media;
  2. All electronic contacts with students should be through the district's computer and telephone system, except emergency situations;
  3. Team, class, or student organization pages, accounts, or groups will be created only in conjunction with the coach or faculty advisor. All groups must include the appropriate administrator as a member. Access to the page will remain with the coach or faculty advisor;
  4. All contact and messages by coaches and faculty advisors with team members shall be sent to all team members, except for messages concerning medical or academic privacy matters, in which case the messages will be copied to the appropriate administrator;
  5. Teachers will not give out their private cell phone or home phone numbers without prior approval of the district;
  6. Inappropriate contact via phone or electronic device is prohibited.

It is inappropriate to engage in posting or commenting on items with sexual content, or which display the use of violence, misuse of medications, alcohol, or other substances. Moreover, use of the internet to conduct non-work-related tasks (e.g., personal business or social communication) during work time is prohibited.

The Superintendent (or appointed designee) reserves the right to monitor staff usage of the district network and computer equipment and to impose penalties for improper use of district technology. Penalties for failure to exercise good judgment in on-line conduct may include progressive consequences up to and including dismissal from employment.