Brockton Public Schools

School Committee Policy


The following rules regarding student conduct on school buses are for safety purposes and must be strictly adhered to for the benefit of all.

  1. Pupils will remain well back from the roadway while awaiting arrival of the bus. They will refrain from throwing things or acting in a disorderly manner at a bus stop.
  2. Pupils will enter the bus in an orderly fashion go directly to a seat and remain seated until the destination is reached.
  3. There will be no littering or defacing of the buses.
  4. There will be no disorderly conduct, shouting or throwing things on or off the bus.
  5. Pupils will keep their arms, hands and legs inside the bus.
  6. Pupils will be picked up and discharged at regularly scheduled stops only.
  7. All articles such as books, athletic equipment, musical instruments, etc. must be kept out of the aisles.
  8. The EMERGENCY DOOR IS TO BE USED FOR EMERGENCY ONLY. Pupils will not needlessly touch any safety equipment on the bus.
  9. It is essential that each pupil cooperate with the driver for the safety of all concerned.
  10. There will be NO SMOKING ON ANY SCHOOL BUS.
  11. Junior high and Senior high school students must carry their I.D. cards and/or their bus passes and produce them at the driver's request.
  12. If a pupil goes anywhere on a school bus, he/she must return to the school on that bus. There are no exceptions to this rule.