Budget Presentation


  1. Presentation

Presentation of the FY budget shall be in open meetings, determined by the Superintendent and agreed upon by a majority of School Committee members. The Superintendent and their staff have responsibility for presenting the budget to the School Committee and responding to questions and reasonable requests from members of the School Committee.


  1. Documentation

Budget documents prepared by the administration and distributed at the preliminary budget sessions shall contain the following information and data:

    1. Any existing and relevant school district policies regarding the educational philosophy, broad educational goals and expenditure guidelines.
    2. A presentation of major programs changes and justification for those changes for the proposed FY budget.
    3. School district enrollments by grade
    4. Estimates of expenditures.
    5. A program-by-program comparison of actual estimated expenditures for a three-year period up to and including the proposed annual budget.
    6. A presentation of sources of revenue, amount and percentage of each source,
    7. A presentation of any cost analysis data that is pertinent to budget discussions.


  1. Public Hearing

Pursuant to Chapter 71, Section 38N, of the General Laws, “The School Committee shall hold a public hearing on the proposed annual budget not less than seven days after publication of a notice in the local newspaper. At that time and place so advertised, all interested persons shall be given an opportunity to be heard for or against the whole or any part of the proposed budget. No action on any part of the budget shall be taken at this public hearing.”


  1. Approval

On a date set after the public hearing, the School Committee shall discuss the proposed annual budget. If, as a result of the public hearing, it should be determined that certain changes in the budget are necessary, these changes shall be made before the budget is adopted. The adoption of the budget by the School Committee shall be by roll call vote of the resolution. Adopting the budget shall be incorporated into the official minutes of the meeting.